Research USE

Research Use and Scholarship in Education

Research Use is a broad term that includes two powerful streams: research on research use (how do we explore the use of research in policy and practice); and research communication (how can we improve the communication of research findings). It includes theoretical interrogation of research use (what are the underlying philosophical issues and mechanisms involved in research use); empirical examination of research use (what data can we gather to interrogate activities related to research use); and application of research (how can we apply research to problems of education policy and practice).

At the 2015 AGM, SIG members examined creation of a journal to support research in these three strands across the two topic areas. The initial journal proposal (Research USE) generated substantial conversations within the SIG and within AERA. Ultimately, SIG members decided to develop a Research Use stream within an existing journal, the International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership. SIG members looking for an outlet for Research Use articles may wish to consider IJEPL.